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We Create History

1952 Language Movement campaigns, 1954 Election campaigns, 1962 Education movement, 1966 Six point movement, ...

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Great Customer Service

We have professional sound systems, traditional sound systems and professional stage lightings according to the needs of our customers.

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Our Technical Assistance

We provide verity of choice from large product list and brands to our customers.

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Welcome To Call Ready

Shree Dayal Ghosh and Hari Pada Ghosh two young brothers from bikrampur of Dhaka district. They starts a new form of business so called gramophone with a very small form in the year 1947 in old Dhaka. They give their company name Arzo Light House. On the next year they change their company name from Arzo Light House to Call Ready at Service. Within a very few years Call Ready becomes a famous company with their one stop service since 1947. From their inception they provide traditional sound service which is called Mike service to its customers. Both the brothers are very much new in the business and in fact this type of business is pretty much new in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan). They have taken risk to serve the people and the nation for making such a new experience. From its inception call ready involves in major political events in Bangladesh along with this is the only company where people can get sound service on that period of time. Time to time call ready expand its business along with its traditional sound service to professional sound service. Currently we have professional sound systems and stage lighting to serve quality service to our customers. Along with that we also involve in event management where our customers can rely on us by giving their whole program responsibility.

Call Ready at service is one of the largest and most prestigious sound service providing company in Bangladesh. Over the years, it attained its current height of one of the leaders in the local field. Call Ready has the history of attending many historical events in Bangladesh. This is the only company who has done almost all the important events from the time period of 1947 to 1971. After the liberation war of 1971 this company is continuously serving almost every sector of the society with its quality sound service. During this period, Call Ready has earned the reputation of being the most strategy-based sound service provider in the country. The ideas that are rooted in strategy are copy-crafted and visualized in a unique and compelling way that secures a bond between the brand and the consumers. At Call Ready, creativity is not a sweet serendipity— it’s rather the pointed outcome of a passionately-followed process that ensures insightful and result-oriented communication.


Call Ready Creates History

♦1952 Language Movement campaigns. ♦1954 Election campaigns. ♦1962 Education movement.
♦1966 Six point movement. ♦1969 Mass Movement & 1970 Election public meetings.
♦ Historical 7th march,1971 Speech of Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibor Rahman,

Latest News

22-10-2016: We are proud to take part on the 20th National council of Bangladesh Awami League by providing most latest sound systems and all sound arrangements in National Sohorawardi Uddan. 

29-09-2016: We provides traditional mikes and professional sound systems on the Annual Council of Bangladesh Krishbid Institution.

05-02-2016: We provides traditional mikes and professional sound systems on the 54th National council of IEB at there premises.


Call Ready

Shree Dayal Ghosh and Hari Pada Ghosh two young brothers from bikrampur of Dhaka district starting a new form of business so called gramophone More...


36 Hrishesh Das Road, Laxmibazar,Sutrapur, Dhaka-1100

Phone: +88-02-7116750

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